Local fishing expert and guide

David “Paycheck” Pechacek came from a small midwest farm town in Minnesota. Where the dandelions grow wild, the thunderstorms rumble through in the summer, and the frigid winter cold freezes everything-even waterfalls.

Ever since he was a little rugrat fishing with his dad, he knew that fishing was going to be a big part of his life. Little did he know that it would eventually consume all his energy-day in and day out since he was a child. Now he has fished tournaments for the past 16 years.

Now for the past 6 years he has decided to shift his focus to being a Full-time fishing guide in the Orlando and central Florida area. He loves to share his passion for fishing and the outdoors with everyone he meets. He wants to give everyone that same feeling they always had as a kid when they first decided to throw out a line. 🙂

“No Dream is too Big to Dream.”

David Paycheck Fishing